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Injury Recovery Bundle

Journal Bundle & Save

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Journal will arrive between December 16th-20th
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Experience the ultimate bundle to navigating an orthopedic injury recovery. Our carefully crafted 20-week roadmap seamlessly integrates the power of research and real-world experience, providing a helpful and user-friendly tool. Inside, you'll find essential trackers to monitor progress, injury-related cartoons to brighten the recovery grind, and a thoughtfully curated toolkit of actionable activities, all rooted in psychology. Plus a "Get Well Card" that features a series of light-hearted humorous cartoons, designed to bring a smile to someone recovering from an injury.

Injury Recovery Journal

  • Sturdy hardback cover (8” X 11”)
  • Spiral bound to lay flat
  • 202 pages

Get Well Card

  • 5x7 inch card with a white envelope
  • Thick, high gloss cardstock cover
  • Matte interior for a smooth writing surface

1 Injury Recovery Journal

Tracker (20-Weeks): Gaining insight into your recovery involves embracing different viewpoints. To foster this perspective, we offer:

  • 1 five-month milestone view
  • 5 monthly check-ins
  • 20 weekly reflections and funnies
  • 100 daily entries (each week has 5 daily entries instead of 7 to allow flexibility for missed days).

Toolkit (8 exercises): Based on a blend of peer-reviewed literature and firsthand experience, we compiled several user-friendly activities. These are designed to guide your recovery journey, starting from the early stages of making sense of your injury to expressing gratitude by crafting an impactful thank-you for those who supported you along the way.

1 Get Well Card

Our get well cards not only offer a flawless writing surface for your heartfelt or humorous message but also feature a wide range of inside greetings. You'll find the ideal expression to convey your well wishes. For the bundle, pick one of the following:

  • Chin Up: Get well!
  • Indoors Is Overrated: Just take it one step at a time.
  • Left Hand: It's about the small things in life.
  • Back Thrown Out: Hope you get back on your feet soon!
  • Mini-Bar: There is OPPORTUNITY in every obstacle!
  • Complimentary Socks: Get well!
  • Long Term Relationship: Get well!
  • Flimsy Tissue: Get well!
  • Get Back To Golf: Get well!
  • Knee Replacement: Get well!
  • Bring My Own Screws: Get well!
  • A Used Hip: Get well!
  • Get Some Sleep: Get well!


Incredible resource for individuals recovering from a significant injury/surgery!


Nathan Lilley, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS

Evolution Physical Therapy

I have been an orthopedic/sports physical therapist for the past 25+ years and have rehabbed numerous individuals following significant trauma or surgeries. The mental and psychological side of rehab is often overlooked by the orthopedic community. This journal is a great resource for my patients to measure progress, set goals and reflect on every step of the journey. It is well thought out and even incorporates humor along the way. I often say the “long road is the best road” to my patients and this journal is a great way for them to reflect on the emotional and psychological aspect of recovering from an injury. Highly recommended.

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