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Injury Recovery Toolkit by BounceBack

Injury Recovery Toolkit

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Journal will arrive between December 16th-20th
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For those not interested in journaling, but still want inspiration, humor, and practical insights on their road to recovery, our Toolkit is the perfect solution. This compact version of our Journal includes space for occasional notes and is designed to be an easy-to-read and beneficial aid for recovery. It provided the motivation and tools you need to stay on track without extensive writing. Whether you choose to read it all at once or at your own pace, it’s tailored to fit into your lifestyle.

  • Soft Cover (7.5" x 9.5")
  • Functional bookmark to find pages easily
  • 100 pages

The Toolkit is organized around the "mind-body" connection, while encouraging reflection to uncover the wisdom gained from the healing journey. Each section seamlessly incorporates injury-specific motivation and humor, making the recovery more enjoyable.

  • Your Body: Covers essential physical aspects of recovery such as sleep, pain, medications, physical activities, and physical therapy.
  • Your Mind: Simplifies the mental aspects of recovery through useful, psychology-based exercises to reframe and motivate.
  • Your Wisdom: Facilities reflection on the entire healing journey, fostering gratitude and identifying lessons learned through the process.

Incredible resource for individuals recovering from a significant injury/surgery!


Nathan Lilley, PT, MPT, OCS, CSCS

Evolution Physical Therapy

I have been an orthopedic/sports physical therapist for the past 25+ years and have rehabbed numerous individuals following significant trauma or surgeries. The mental and psychological side of rehab is often overlooked by the orthopedic community. This journal is a great resource for my patients to measure progress, set goals and reflect on every step of the journey. It is well thought out and even incorporates humor along the way. I often say the “long road is the best road” to my patients and this journal is a great way for them to reflect on the emotional and psychological aspect of recovering from an injury. Highly recommended.

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